Passion for entertainment

Wallmans Nöjen is one Scandinavia’s leading companies in showbiz and integrated quality entertainment. The foundation of the group was laid already in 1956 by Hasse Wallman. Since 2009, Wallmans Nöjen is part of 2E Group. Wallmans Nöjen launched the successful concept Dinnershow, where guests are served a full night experience with both dining and entertainment, in 1991 and has since expanded its business. The company today consists of several arenas and trademarks such as Golden Hits, Hamburger Börs and Wallmans. The company is also co-owner of Ladies Night.



star quality

We want to create magical encounters that brighten people's lives therefore we are constantly evolving in order to always be relevant and interesting. We believe that we create the powerful experiences by blurring the conventional boundaries and see things in new ways. Therefore, we hold the highest level of innovation and personal service. Wallmans shall be synonymous with a strong and personal entertainment, and a pioneer in its market. We want to reach out to people with feeling and positive energy and believe that life will be richer if we dare to embrace it fully!

our journey

Wallmans Nöjen’s journey started in 1956 with founder Hasse Wallman in the lead. Through the years the company has produced everything from concerts by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, musicals such as Cats and Grease to large events at well-known arenas and stages in Sweden. As late as 1997, the group was renamed Wallmans Nöjen AB.


The first Dinnershow was launched in Sweden 1991 with the opening of Wallmans Stockholm. The following two decades, the concept has evolved, new formats have been added, and the company's activities have been focused on our core business through new openings, acquisitions and divestitures.


Now we continue our exciting journey into the future!